mute90 (mute90) wrote in spn_angel,

Birthday Boy (1/1, PG13)

Title: Birthday Boy

Rating: PG13

Fandoms: Supernatural, Angel

Disclaimer: Neither Supernatural nor Angel are mine.

Summary: It's time for Sam's employee birthday party at Wolfram & Hart. Sam is not pleased.

A/N - This was in response to an anonymous prompt at the ohsam comment meme: Angel/AU Spn crossover in which lawyer!Sam works at Wolfram and Hart. Sam's not evil. Just morally ambiguous in a goofy, adorable way. And now Angel has taken over Wolfram and Hart, and Lorne has instituted staff birthday parties, and it's Sam's birthday. It's the worst birthday ever, and there's something supernaturally not right about the cake . . .

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Tags: .fanfiction, angel(us), bobby singer, castiel, dean winchester, harmony, illyria, jess, sam winchester, spike, wesley
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