dollarformyname (dollarformyname) wrote in spn_angel,

FIC: The Sun Is Shinin' And I Wanna Go 1/? (Supernatural/Angel)

Story Title: The Sun Is Shinin' And I Wanna Go
Author: dollarformyname 
Fandoms: Supernatural/Angel
Rating: FR15
Warnings: Language. Spike corrupting an innocent child (in a lighthearted way; it's not creepy or anything).
Timeline/Spoilers: Set post Not Fade Away for Ats; vaguely mid-S3 for SPN.
Summary: Fate has a roundabout way of getting to the point. Spike's not a fan of detours.
Disclaimer: Supernatural and Angel belong to Eric Kripke, Joss Whedon, and other people who aren't me. Story title from the song Don't Look Back by Boston.
A/N: One of liliaeth 's birthday prompts: “Spike meets the Winchesters and makes friends with them (preferably post Angel s5 Spike, with soul, as a good guy).” I'm sorry it's so late. RL has sucked extra hard lately. The original idea veered off to weird places, but I hope it's satisfactory. :)

One minute, it's war. )
Tags: .fanfiction, dean winchester, sam winchester, spike
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