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New Fic: A Hunter's Heart - 1/1(Supernatural/AtS Crossover, Angel/Dean, NC-17)

A Hunter's Heart - 1/1
Fandoms: Supernatural/Angel The Series
Pairing: Angel/Dean Winchester
Rating: NC-17
Wordcount: 7028
Warnings: Explicit M/M sex, extremely light D/s themes, AU, violence, language.
Spoilers: For AtS - Begins in an AU season three of Angel where Darla never was resurrected and so Connor was never born, Faith never went bad in BtVS and a re-souled Spike came to LA earlier than in canon. For Supernatural - Begins pre-series, about two years before the first episode. Sammy is at Stanford and Dean has been on his own for two years with occasional orders from his father to go and do a hunt.
Summary: Dean Winchester was raised to be a strong hunter just like his father, a man who took the weight of the world on his shoulders and who shouldn't need anyone to help carry the load... but a fateful meeting in LA sends him on a new path and changes everything he thought he knew about himself.
Beta: No beta, so please be aware that this is not a polished version.
Disclaimer: I do not own AtS or Supernatural, nor do I make any profits from these writings.
Author's Note: So the idea for this story came to me a while ago and I have been writing/plotting out the series since then. This is the first story in the Hunter!Verse as I have been calling it. The entire series will be about five one-shots starting with Angel and Dean's meeting in LA. Also, I never plotted the story to involve Fatih Lehane, but she strong armed her way in and had to say her piece… what's a writer to do. *grins* Okay, so enjoy the story and remember reviews are love people!
Author's 2nd Note: (IMPORTANT-PLEASE READ) I have used AtS/BtVS canon on vampires in this story. So the "Supernatural" way of killing a vampire doesn't exist in this universe. I.E. stakes, decapitation, fire, etc. is the proper way to kill a vampire.


A Hunter's Heart )


Tags: +dean/angel(us), .art, .fanfiction
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